About ol solo me-ohhhh

Well. I’m ol(d) by my children’s standards (40-something). I’m solo – a mum. I’ve casually referred to this blog as the sentimental claptrap of a 40-something mum and that about sums it up. And I love to sing in the car to the radio – ooooohhhhhhh! 

It’s my take on how I coped with the break-down of a 23-year-old relationship with our two children – daughters aged 10 and 14 – in tow.

It was a devastating time but, as Louisa May Alcott said: “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.”

Bullshit. I was terrified. But I have weathered the storm and now have a fierce pair of sea legs and highly recommend walking the plank – your family and friends will be waiting in the water below and they will swim with you to the sustaining island in the distance, dodging sharks, Portugese Man-o-War and pirate ships.

In fact my new island home is a much happier and fulfilling place for all three of us, but the currents were strong at times, threatening to pull me down. I am now head mermaid and I don’t even have a credit card debt, despite adding inumerable pairs of shoes to my wardrobe!

If my journey sounds familiar – read on, and take heart. Women rule the world;) Beyonce said so.



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