The myth of why women don’t need men.

SOME men believe women don’t need them. And it’s making them sad. In fact some are suicidal, believing that they don’t know what it means to be a man anymore.
Maybe we don’t ‘need’ them – women can today earn a living and own property, unlike in bygone eras, but I’m fairly certain that we do want them. Very much.
We want our dads and our brothers and our male friends. We want our husbands and boyfriends – what heterosexual woman doesn’t want the special attention of her soul mate and lover as they share challenges throughout their lives.
But here’s what we don’t want, and it’s very similar to what heterosexual men wouldn’t stand for either.
We don’t want to be controlled. Let us blossom into the individuals that we all deserve to be with the freedoms we all have a right to in our democratic society.
We don’t want to be made to feel guilty for not making sacrifices that damage our self-esteem or health.
We don’t want to be taken for granted, or made to feel used.
We don’t want to be told how wonderful you are, we want to see your wonderfulness in action. For eternity.
We want you to be reliable and do what you say you will.
We want you to be honest.
We want you to talk to us so we can understand and help you.
We want you to listen so you can understand us.
We want you to accept our maternal drive to put the children first. It doesn’t mean we don’t love you deeply.
We want you to not be afraid to also put those defenceless family members first. They will grow into their independent, adult selves soon enough.
That’s mostly what we want. Does it make sense?
As a heterosexual woman, I can’t speak of what gay people want from their significant others but it’s probably very similar. And very simple.

The myth of why women don’t need men..