Do you read while you drive?

AS a rule, they still irritate me. But on the rare occasion personal number plates have been known to amuse me as I drive the 400-odd kms to and from work each week. I did say rarely…..

Here’s the latest crop of rego plates, recorded over the past four months.

I’ve tried to put them in categories, because I have OCD, but as you will see, some of these examples crossover several of these boundaries. For example the numberplate ‘feeln gr8’ could simultaneously feature in these categories: plain annoying, names, numbers, bodily functions, ego and emotions.

I’ll start with my favourite category.

Just plain annoying: Godlovesu (that’s a relief – even if I tailgate?), dvldunnit (did what?), rubizzy (so nosy), wotabuz (oh pleasseee), urbanister (huh?), hardhat (I give up), Tee it up (blah)

Unexplainable: by gum, petlamb, page one (an ambitious journo?), E titi (no comment), Dijon (French?), 2na (a fisherman?),

Names: Mr Geez, L MO, Rikoshay (smart if Rik and Shay own this car), AR FA, Suebeedo, Katy Cat, Shaz78, Dwayno (braino draino), Ashytude (I’ll pay that one), Fishface (the headmaster from Home and Away?), Bu11ant (must have a nasty bite)

Numbers: Einil8, Feeln gr8, Livin2bme (good on ya mate!), Live42day (profound!)

Seen on Holdens: Ivegotone, Outclubn, Pl4yTime, Fulthrtl, Shhwing, Mr SS2U, 1bad (seen going through a red light…)

Seen on a Ford: RIPHSV

Bodily functions: Twerk in (Miley, you have a lot to answer for), Shart (all class), Cramps (great band tho), Purrs (cats have bodies, too), Boogaz (this car was bright green), Y worry, Chillax, Whiplash, Gilty, Kak, Flossin, v1ru5, footlong (didn’t know what other category to put this in…), Toss3r (I’m serious!),

Car refs: Fully six, Kwoozn, Revmeup, Ur Lookn, Blownfuze, Numbrpl8 (seen on a motorcycle), Luxryaz, Imprezn, Vavazoom (Mazda), U Tily T

Ego: Mrawesome, Ironmaidn, Badmedcn, lilmsrite

Personality adjectives: Rugbgrl, Lvvvvly, Crazi, Dtrmnd, Golddggr, Crazygrl, Playful

TV refs: br34k b4d, Sxncty, tard1s,

Emotions: Tempted 2, aintbovrd (my all time fave)

All registration numbers use in this blog are genuine.