Blokes, take your sexy(ist) shirts off. Please.

THE female form is wonderful. We all know that. In all its shapes and sizes. But not when men wear examples of soft porn images of gagging-for-it women on their t-shirts while shopping. Or doing anything, really.

I do not want to be faced with a come-hither lass with her mouth lolling open as she reclines half naked on a motorcycle while I choose the variety of grapes I want with my cheese platter at Woolies.

For a start, most women do not get slack mouthed or turned on at the sight of a motorbike, immediately feel the need to start undressing, rubbing themselves against the fuel tank or having their photo taken while doing so.

Needless to say, the women in these varied but monotonous shirts don’t always have a prop, unless you consider a g-string or high heels as such…

And most of us do not have the benefit of photoshop or airbrushing as we go about our daily business – thanks for yet another unrealistic standard to strive for.

More perplexing however is that many of the men I see wearing these shirts are hardly ‘The Commando’ (thank you Australia’s Biggest Loser juggernaut) in the looks or fitness department. I know, they’re probably reallllly lovely guys, but I’m doubtful these sultry sirens would seek a man with anything less than a six pack, especially if cameras were likely to be in the general vicinity.

Maybe these blokes think shirts depicting sexy women will make them attractive to viewers of the opposite sex. That’s about as likely as ‘The Commando’ looking at me twice.

But what I really find disturbing is that while grown women might have their problems with these objectified images, children – boys and girls alike – are forced to consume them with no context at all.

I was staggered at the sheer ignorance of a grandfather-aged man wearing such a shirt, walking hand-in-hand with a girl of about five, likely his granddaughter or daughter, in a busy metropolitan shopping centre last week.

He had obviously never considered the pressure these sorts of images place on the shoulders of growing children as they begin to notice and be shaped by the mass sexualisation and objectification of the female form. Girls feel they have to live up to it and boys think they cannot be satisfied with anything less than sexy model perfection.

Role models and main caregivers who unthinkingly ram this sort of mass homogenisation of the female form down the throats of the precious girls and boys in their lives, will force them to grow up faster, with potentially disastrous results for their identity, self-esteem and even their mental health.

Rant over.

(Unfortunate) Pic credit: Urban outfitters                                                 


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