Personalised number plates…why?


WHY do more and more people find it so necessary to personalise their car’s number plate?

Is it unimaginative loved ones buying the plates as a “special” gift? Or do people consider their car a member of the family and so must give it a matching dorky name? Or are they just so egotistical that they think having a personalised number plate makes them look more classy or financially-endowed?   

I know there are more questions here than at a CCC hearing, but it’s a growing social epidemic. So what, you own a car, big deal. Just keep up with the loan repayments and stay out of the right lane.

Rarely, I see an ironic plate such as the Holden Statesman with the rego that read BOGANS. And obviously proud of it. But as for the rest of the drivel out there, it’s enough to drive one to drink radiator coolant.

For example, Heathaz, Kelz, Malz, kezka. Ok, that’s your name, not your car’s, and you own the car. Alrighty then, I’ll consider it a friendly overture and be sure to knock on your window at the next stop light to introduce myself. Or I’ll just curse your name when you clog up the right hand lane.

And then there’s those people who choose to tell us what sort of car they drive – HSV, 1kwikxr6, emzxr8 (Well done Emma, ownership and branding) – when we can already see that on the car’s factory badge.

Then there’s the motorist who uses numerals to express just how hip they are, like a text message on four wheels – R383CCA, VYBR8R, gr8full, xlr8.

Or those who think it’s cool to advertise their poor grasp of spelling – misagro, luvinit, dvrsd, xsnoiz, flybfree, ignyt.

Some have a touching message – Thx Mum, 4 sheila, erntit, yesdear, washis, wifegon, o bhayv, sux2beu.

Others are just plain dumb – elvis fan, tf3l p33k (keep left when seen in rear vision mirror), wiseone, bad vet (a vintage Corvette, of course).

And we can’t ignore those really boring ones that are quite obviously, a sad private joke – Mr Golf 1, Butch 2, Moose 75, Gorjess2, butty, ma frog, pommy c, froz dang, caca and even willee.

Plus the corny attempts – blingiton, u reckn, s n m, mean az, sue me, hertoy.

What’s wrong with 1AGB 555? Too ordinary for you? The coppers love those personalised plates tho, makes it easier for them to find you on the road.

All registration numbers use in this blog are genuine.   


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