Irritating puzzles

Things that irritate and puzzle me


* When people recite their mobile numbers starting with a block of three numbers instead of four ie 041 355 555 5. Has the ‘official’ style of writing and saying these 10-digit numbers changed?

* Cars with number plates that say Kerrys, or Als or Heathaz et al. So, you have a car, congratulations!

* Erectile dysfunction radio ads featuring a female voiceover pressuring men to take action because they are causing the ‘mrs’ to miss out!

* When I mistakenly send a work email to a person I don’t work with.

* Chemical breath – smokers who pretend they don’t smoke, but we all know they do.

* Telstra. The service (or lack of), the charges, the whole vibe, really….

* Flickering fluoro lights.

* Those horrible testicles that hang from the towbar of some men’s vehicles. Confirmation they consider their mode of transport an actual substitute for their actual penis.

* Smutty US TV sitcoms whose only plot is sex, sex and more sex, despite the 7pm timeslot.

* TV ads that appear to educate motorists about drink driving but actually promote binge drinking, because we ‘deserve it’.

* Lone shoes on the side of the road. And the matching shoe 1km further on. And those that hang from powerlines, and trees.

* Arctic cardigan-inspired airconditioning on a 35 degree day.

* The offer of another 2cents per litre off my fuel if I spend another $2 in store.

* Floury apples.

* Chinese-grown apples and snow peas at the local supermarket.

* People who think council junk collection’s are year-round.

* People who leave Christmas lights on their house all year.

* Those stupid reindeer antlers on cars.

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