Hello cruel world!

Monday, January 13, 2014

HELLO world! Aaaah, the blank page. It’s been whiter than white since Jan 10, 2012 – that’s basically two years! Talk about writer’s block.

So. I had this grand idea to start a blog, focussing on life following the disintegration of my 23-year relationship, with two daughters in tow – that was two years ago, and three years after the offending development. Not a depressing offering by any means, just the oft-times ironic, sardonic and mostly platonic (mis) adventures in my strange new world of solo womanhood coupled with the added attraction of parenting.

It is now five years since my family broke apart and we are still separated – and shall happily remain in eternity – but have formed as new girl-power entity where the loss of partner and father, while sad, we have happily adjusted to. Even though it did feel as though that would never, ever happen. Take heart, time and finding your inner macho girl, provides an excellent spawning ground for new coping skills and practical talents. I still insist on wearing my rose-coloured glasses though;)

Self-indulgent? Probably. I’ve been perpetually writing blogs in my mind – I write for a living – and will post some oldies that I did manage to scratch out a couple of years ago, and hopefully be committed enough to regularly update my musings – life as a 40-something not-so-newly separated mother of two daughters has been an interesting roller coaster ride. Welcome aboard – bring a sick bag.